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Smart TV Network Installation Service

Smart TVs: Wired Network v's Wireless WIFI Network

Are you considering buying a Smart TV or have you recently purchased a Smart TV? Maybe you have owned a Smart TV for a while now but have not yet unlocked the networking capabilities to gain an on-line experience? Let's face it, A Smart TV is pretty dumb without a network connection. Maybe you have a WIFI connection from your Smart TV to your switch but have found the very common problem of slow, unreliable network speeds due to far too much network bandwidth travelling through your WIFI access point, leaving your Smart TV and the rest of your WIFI network users lagging. Remember, a Smart TV uses high bandwidth when streaming from a media server, when you stream from another WIFI device such as a laptop to a WIFI Smart TV you are multiplying the bandwidth usage by 2; this incidently puts an enormous amount of strain on your WIFI hardware and severely limits your available WIFI bandwidth.

Smart TV Network Cable Installation

Our professional Smart TV installers and network engineers can channel out your walls and run high bandwidth Cat6a, Cat6e or even super fast Cat7 network cable from your network hub or dedicated network switch through the voids in your home, under the floorboards, up the wall and into a faceplated Cat6 or Cat7 network socket that is installed inside your wall behind the TV or bracket. Your Smart TV will even retain the flush mounting. When we have finished adding the cable we will fill the wall and prepare it for painting. If you have a bucket of paint that matches the wall colour we'll even give it a quick coat.

A typical Smart TV network installation will include the following:
  1. High bandwidth Cat6e cable (unless otherwise stated).
  2. Floorboard removal.
  3. Wall channelling.
  4. Inside wall metal cable capping - Health and Safety requirement.
  5. Metal wall box measuring 35mm in depth - To fit high quality network keystone.
  6. Cat6 Network Keystone and Faceplate.
  7. Wall filler or Plaster.
  8. Cable termination at the switch.

The cost of a Smart TV Network Installation.

Have you been searching on-line for a price of the above Smart TV installation service without much luck? Smart TV installers and network engineers generally do not like to give fixed prices due to so many factors that can either save you money or cost a little more. Some Smart TV installers also like to price according to a customers financial status which we feel is completely wrong. Why should it cost more if you live in a £1+ million house? We understand that customers do have different requirements or additions such as metallic faceplate borders, cutting edge cat7 cable, several floorboard removals or above average length cable runs but our Smart TV engineers can price those additions accordingly with full transparency and absolutely no hidden costs.

For the above mentioned Smart TV installation service in a standard sized 3 bedroom house we can give you an average estimated price of £115 per Smart TV. If you require additional network socket(s), coaxial cables, satellite cables or telephone extensions (for sky+) installed along the same route then we can supply the additional cables including termination of the cable at both ends for just £60 each. We only use the best quality coaxial cable that either equals or even exceeds current sky recommendations.

While the floorboards are up and the wall is channelled, why not also add a TV electrical socket behind the TV? Our qualified electricians will keep the power cables a safe distance away from the network cable to ensure you get zero interferance and maintain maximum network speeds. If required, we can also hide your HDMI cables in the wall and even re-route those ugly, tacked and surface mounted Sky or Virgin cables under the floor boards and up into the wall channel - Coaxial cable re-routine may require new, longer length cables due to the possibly longer route - simply extending a coaxial cable via a coupler can compromise picture quality, even more so for HD services.

Other television installation services

  • TV Wall Bracket Installation and TV mounting.
  • 5.1 and 7.1 advanced surround sound speaker installation for home cinema systems - We can completely hide those cables from view.
  • Sunk ceiling and wall speaker installations - We can sink the speakers into walls or ceilings for an incredibly professional look and sound quality.
  • Surround sound and audio installation (AV installation) including wall plated socket speaker connectors for simple connection of the speakers to a TV, amplifier or home cinema system.
  • Hidden HDMI extensions - We can also channel your high quality HDMI cables into walls.
  • HDMI extensions to other rooms - We can extend your Full HD and even 3D HDMI connection to any room within 30 meters of cable length. This is a very popular service for customers with an existing Sky or Virgin installation or customers who want to watch subscription based high definition television in other rooms without paying a muti-room subscription - Please note: both rooms will display the same channel. This service is also good for customers who would like to share their expensive 3D Player with 3D enabled TV's in other rooms.

Our Smart TV installation services are very popular at the moment so there may be a short waiting time. Please contact us to arrange a visit by one of our highly skilled and experienced Smart TV installers and network consultants who will listen and possibly advise an affordable solution that you may not have thought were possible or even existed. We will then send you an estimate and if accepted arrange an appointment to implement the agreed solution.
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